Egypt is a north-African country offering a unique combination of breathtaking sceneries, beaches and an impressive cultural heritage. This and its mild winter climate make Egypt a primary tourist destination in Northern Africa. Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization and some of the world's most stunning ancient monuments, including the Gizeh pyramids, the Karnak Temple and the Valley of the Kings; the southern city of Luxor contains a particularly large number of ancient artifacts. In the extreme south of the country, close to the border to Sudan, lie the huge Nasser lake and the Abu Simbel temple. The western desert between the Nile and Lybia contains beautiful oases and stunning rock formations. In Cairo you will find the Egyptian national museum, which hosts items and artifacts spanning over 5000 years of history.
Mediterranean Sea coast photo gallery  - 92 pictures of Mediterranean Sea coast
Cairo photo gallery  - 220 pictures of Cairo
Pyramids photo gallery  - 64 pictures of Pyramids
Egyptian National Museum photo gallery  - 89 pictures of Egyptian National Museum
92 photos of Egypt's Mediterranean Sea coast with its pristine white sand beaches
220 photos of the city of Cairo and of the archaeological sites near Cairo
64 photos of the pyramids in Giza and Saqqara
89 photos of items and artefacts on display in the Egyptian National Museum in Cairo
Upper Nile Valley photo gallery  - 409 pictures of Upper Nile Valley
Red Sea Coast photo gallery  - 54 pictures of Red Sea Coast
Sinai peninsula photo gallery  - 93 pictures of Sinai peninsula
409 photos of the Nile river valley between Abydos and Abu Simbel
54 photos of the Egyptian Red Sea coast between the Sinai and Sudan
93 photos of the Sinai peninsula, a region of awesome beauty with plenty of historical heritage
Western Desert photo gallery  - 200 pictures of Western Desert
The Eastern Desert photo gallery  - 10 pictures of The Eastern Desert
200 photos of the Egyptian western desert with several oases
10 photos of the Eastern Desert, an arid and mountainous area
Luxor photo gallery  - 154 pictures of Luxor
Abu Simbel photo gallery  - 74 pictures of Abu Simbel
154 photos of the tombs of the valley of the Kings, the temple of Hatshepsut, the Nile river, the Luxor and Karnak temples
74 photos of the temples of Abu Simbel in southern Egypt
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