The Shali is an old fortress built in the 12th century with mud bricks to offer protection to the inhabitants of Siwa oasis against nomadic raiders. The Shali could house more than 600 people in a number of houses. It was abandoned in the 19th century when people started moving out to new homes and was greatly damaged in 1926 when three days of heavy rain destroyed most of the houses and left only ruins. Nowadays some parts of the Shali have been restored and the Shali is a tourist attraction. From the top of the Shali there is a nice view of the Siwa oasis. At the basis of the Shali there are souvenir shops and cafes.
01 Shali fortress 02 Shali fortress 03 Shali fortress 04 Staircase 05 Narrow alley
06 Mud brick wall ruins 07 Mud brick wall ruins 08 Panoramic view of Shali fortress
09 Mud brick wall ruins
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