The Siwa oasis measures 9 to 28km in width and 80km in length. It is covered to a large extent by palm date and olive tree plantations. To the west of the oasis lies the Siwa lake, a saltwater lake extending over 7 x 5km. Fatna island is a former island which was merged with the mainland after the lake had been partially drained. On Fatna island there is a cafe and a souvenir shop. It's a good place where to wait for the sunset. Cleopatra's bath is a rock pool with greenish water fed by a natural hot spring.
01 Panoramic view of Siwa
02 Panoramic view of Siwa 03 Date palm plantation
04 Date palm plantation 05 Juice bar at Cleopatra bath 06 Cleopatra bath pond 07 White egret
08 White egret 09 Pigeon houses 10 Desert and Siwa lake 11 Date palms
12 Panoramic view of Siwa
13 Panoramic view of Siwa
14 Date palms 15 Date palms 16 Siwa lake 17 Date palms 18 Tourist shop on Fatna island
19 Siwa lake 20 Siwa lake 21 Fatna island
22 Siwa lake 23 Fatna island
24 Siwa lake
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