The second and smaller temple in Abu Simbel is dedicated to the goddess Hathor and to Nefertari, the wife of pharao Ramses II. Also this temple has been carved into the rock wall. The facade consists of six 10 metres high statues, four of Ramses II and two of Nefertari. The interior of the temple consists of a hall with six pillars on which there are faces of the goddess Hathor. Also here teh walls are richly decorated with basreliefs and carvings.
01 Temple of Hathor 02 Hathor temple entrance 03 Temple of Hathor
04 Hathor temple front view 05 Temple of Hathor 06 Temple of Hathor 07 Statues of Egyptian gods
08 Hathor temple front view 09 Temple of Hathor 10 Statue of Egyptian god
11 Temple of Hathor at night 12 Wall carvings 13 Wall carvings 14 Pillar in hypostyle hall with Hathor face 15 Wall carvings
16 Pillars in hypostyle hall
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