Sharm el-Sheikh lies at the southern end of a 50km long coastal strip, which has been developed since the 1980 for international tourism. This is full of hotels, shops, restaurants, cafes and night clubs. There is no historic centre and in fact lots of buildings look quite artificial. Naama bay is the centre for the budget oriented mass tourism and is full of shops and restaurants.
01 Chinese restaurant at night 02 Chinese restaurant tables 03 Pedestrian area at night 04 Electronics shop 05 Pedestrian area at night
06 Columnade at night 07 Naama Center mall 08 Naama bay pedestrian area 09 Naama bay pedestrian area 10 Tourist shop
11 Herbs and spices shop 12 Clothes shop 13 Pharmacy selling steroides 14 Naama bay beach at dusk
15 Restaurants in the evening 16 Restaurants in the evening
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