This gallery contains some photos of the temple of Hatshepsut, which is also known as Deir el-Bahri. The temple lies on the west bank of the Nile river to the south of the valley of Kings and Queens necropolis. It is carved into the rock and consists of three terraces.
01 Hatshepsut temple and surrounding hills 02 Hatshepsut temple and surrounding hills 03 View of Hatshepsut temple
04 Front view of Hatshepsut temple 05 Statues of pharaohs 06 Statue of pharaoh 07 Columns 08 Columns
09 Hathor chapel 10 Bas-relief showing pharaoh 11 Gate 12 Bas-relief showing pharaoh 13 Column and pharaoh statue 14 Pharaoh statue and hills 15 Head of Hatshepsut
16 Column with goddess Hathor 17 Falcon statue 18 Carved pillar 19 Bas-relief showing Egyptian god Anubis 20 Bas-relief showing pharaoh 21 Bas-relief with hieroglyphs
22 Wall painting showing the god Anubis 23 Wall painting showing god Anubis and gifts 24 Hieroglyph 25 Painted bas-relief 26 Bas-relief
27 Hill range 28 Hill
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