Pictures of the Philae temple near Assuan, dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis. The temple has been dismantled and reassembled on the Aglika island, some 550 meters from its original location on Philae island, which was submerged when the High Dam was built.
The temple dates back to 26 centuries, although most of the construction took place during the Roman period. The goddess Isis was popular all over the Mediterranean and the Philae temple was its major worshipping centre.
01 Model of Philae temple 02 Model of Philae temple 03 West colonnade
04 West colonnade detail 05 Wall carvings 06 West colonnade 07 Column
08 West colonnade 09 Front view 10 Trajan's kiosk (vestibule) 11 Trajan's kiosk (vestibule)
12 Trajan's kiosk (vestibule) 13 Wall 14 Outer wall with carvings 15 Wall carvings 16 Wall carvings
17 Wall carvings 18 Wall carvings
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