The oasis of Siwa is surrounded by a very scenic desert of sand dunes. 4WD car trips are organised by several operators in Siwa and bring you to a number of spots in the desert, including a hot spring and a cold spring where tourists can swim in. The views at sunset are breathtaking.
01 Sand dunes 02 Sand dunes 03 4WD car in the desert
04 Sand dunes 05 Sand dunes 06 4WD car in the desert 07 Hot spring
08 Hot spring 09 Hot spring 10 Storm on sand dunes 11 Sand dunes
12 4WD cars 13 Cold spring desert lake 14 Cold spring desert lake 15 Cold spring desert lake
16 4WD cars and drivers 17 Cold spring desert lake 18 White rock fossile area 19 White rock fossile area
20 Sand dunes 21 Sand dunes 22 Desert sunset
23 Sand dunes 24 Sand dunes 25 Sand desert at sunset
26 Sand desert at sunset 27 Sand ripple patterns 28 Sand desert at sunset
29 Desert sunset
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