The Siwa oasis is a large oasis in the west of Egypt, located about 300km southwest of Marsa Matrouh and 50km east of the Lybian border. It lies 12m below the sea level and measures 9 to 28km in width and 80km in length. Plenty of date palms and olive trees grow in Siwa. Siwa oasis has been settled since the 10th millenium BC and has been part of ancient Egypt since the 26th Dynasty, when a necropolis was established. Alexander the Great visited Siwa during his campaign against Persia to consult the oracle in the temple of Amun. Due to its isolated location Siwa has preserved its unique Berber culture over the centuries. The oasis is idyllic and offers plenty to see, from ruins of ancient temples and sites to desert scenery, the Siwa lake and ancient mud brick architecture.
Siwa village photo gallery  - 19 pictures of Siwa village
Shali photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Shali
The oasis photo gallery  - 24 pictures of The oasis
Mountain of the dead photo gallery  - 14 pictures of Mountain of the dead
19 photos of the village of Siwa, the main settlement in Siwa oasis
9 photos of the Shali, a former mud brick fortress in the centre of Siwa oasis
24 miscellaneous photos of Siwa oasis
14 photos of The Mountain of the Dead, a hill in Siwa oasis with many Ptolemaic and Roman period tombs
Temple of the Oracle photo gallery  - 11 pictures of Temple of the Oracle
Temple of Amun photo gallery  - 9 pictures of Temple of Amun
11 photos of the Temple of the Oracle, a 6th century BC temple in Siwa oasis
9 photos of the ruins of the temple of Amun in Siwa oasis
Desert photo gallery  - 29 pictures of Desert
29 photos of the desert surrounding Siwa oasis
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