The Anna Rais longhouse is a Bidayuh settlement about 100km south of Kuching, near the mountains marking the border to Kalimantan, as the Indonesian part of Borneo is called. The Bidayuhs are a local tribe of Sarawak and are mainly farmers engaging in the cultivation of corn, rice, pepper, cocoa and local vegetables for their own consumption as well as for sale at the local city markets. The Anna Rais longhouse lies in an area with mountains covered with rainforests and isolated rural communities. The houses of the settlement are built with a mix of traditional and modern materials.The roofs are mostly made of corrugated tin. People have TVs, refrigerators, DVD players and so on. The Anna Rais longhouse is easily accessible by road. The entrance fee is RM 8
01 Main entrance to longhouse 02 Bamboo terrace 03 Houses with corrugated tin roofs 04 Huts and firewood
05 Firewood heap 06 Old woman carrying child 07 Bamboo veranda and villagers 08 Villagers resting on the veranda 09 Plankway
10 Houses with corrugated tin roofs and satellite dish 11 Black and white house 12 Bamboo floor 13 Bamboo terrace and houses 14 Banana tree
15 Banana tree 16 Banana tree 17 Blue house wall 18 Sungai Penrissen creek 19 Dog on staircase 20 Longhouse
21 Football field 22 Tropical rainforest 23 Terrace and houses 24 Hairdresser cutting hair
25 Red bud 26 Coloured houses
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