Loagan Bunut is a national park in northern Sarawak, centered around a natural lake. The lake is relatively small, extending for about 2km from east to west and 4km from north to south, but still is the largest natural lake in Sarawak. During the dry season in the summer the lake shrinks considerably and can even dry up completely. In this period visitors can walk on the lake bed.
The lake is surrounded by tropical rainforest. Two marked trails across the forest are available: the shorter Tapang trail (260m) with the tapang tree (Koompassia excelsia) and the longer Belian trail (720m). The national park was opened to the public in 1991 and has an area of 10736 ha. 80% of the area is peat swamp forest.
How to get to the Loagan Bunut national park
The park is accessible from Miri via a good paved road. The 117km can be covered in about 2:30 hours.
There is some accomodation at the park headquarter, but in practice most visitors stay in Miri.
01 National park headquarter 02 Visitor accomodation 03 Gazebo
04 Garden near headquarter 05 Crocodile warning sign 06 Garden near headquarter
07 Trail to lake 08 Trail to lake 09 Trail to lake
10 Loagan Bunut national park 11 Loagan Bunut national park
12 Dried up lake bed and boat 13 Boat and lake 14 Loagan Bunut lake 15 Tapang trail
16 Tapang trail 17 Rainforest trail 18 Telecommunications tower 19 Loagan Butu lake
20 Road and panoramic view 21 Road to Loagan Bunut
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