The Semenggoh Wildlife Centre is located 24km from Kuching. It was set up in 1975 to care for wild animals which had either been found injured, were orphaned or kept as illegal pets. Over the course of the years the centre took care of almost 1000 animals, from dozens of different species. Semenggoh is mainly known however for its orangutan rehabilitation programme, which has resulted in the repopulation of the surrounding forest by dozens of orangutans.
01 Tourists at the parking 02 Road to main entrance 03 Road to main entrance 04 Park signboard 05 Orangutan
06 Orangutan 07 Orangutan 08 Orangutan 09 Orangutan 10 Orangutan 11 Orangutan
12 Orangutan 13 Orangutan mother with baby 14 Orangutan mother with baby 15 Orangutan mother with baby 16 Orangutan mother with baby 17 Orangutan mother with baby
18 Orangutan 19 Orangutan mother with baby 20 Orangutan 21 Platform with tourists
22 Platform with tourists 23 Platform with tourists 24 Tourists watching orangutans 25 Tourists
26 Feeding platform in rainforest 27 Tourists 28 Tourists walking back to the parking 29 Rainforest treetops 30 Rainforest treetops
31 Rainforest treetops 32 Rainforest treetops 33 Rainforest treetops
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