The Kuching Wetlands national park lies 15km to the northwest of Kuching along the coast and was gazetted in 2002. It spans over a coastal area of estuaries and is composed of marine and freshwater ecosystems with mangroves. It is a natural breeding and nursery ground for fish and prawn species and covers an area of 170 kmĀ². Supposedly the Irrawaddy dolphin can be spotted here, but during our visit we were unable to see any, which did not surprise us because there is a heavy traffic of boats on the waterways of the area. The park is only accessible on a tour, which can be booked in Kuching.
01 Mudskipper 02 Mudskipper 03 Snake 04 Snake
05 Mudskipper 06 Mudskipper 07 Mangroves 08 Santubong mountain
09 Santubong mountain 10 Mangroves 11 Village on stilts 12 Village on stilts
13 Village on stilts 14 Village on stilts 15 Fishing in a boat 16 House on stilts
17 Proboscis monkey 18 Proboscis monkey 19 River at sunset 20 Mangroves 21 Mangroves
22 Mangroves 23 Mangroves 24 Sunset 25 White herons on tree at night
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