Lundu is a small city located 90km to the west of Kuching in the west of Sarawak. It's the next to last city in Malaysian Borneo and is the main access point to the nearby Gunung Gading national park. Lundu lies on the west bank of the Kayan river not far from the South China sea and consists of not much more than a few blocks of houses and shops. To the west of Lundu there are the Siar and the Pandan beaches.
01 Road 02 Bus stop 03 House 04 Octagonal roof
05 Building 06 Tree 07 Shops 08 Chinese temple 09 Chinese temple
10 Fish market 11 Seafood centre 12 Jetty 13 Man holding lobster
14 Kayan river 15 Cutting a stingray into pieces 16 Cutting a stingray into pieces 17 Cutting a stingray into pieces 18 Stingray
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