The Santubong national park is located on the Damai peninsula 35km north of Kuching, not far from the Sarawak cultural village. It consists of a patch of a patch of rainforest and Mt Santubong, an 810m high mountain. The main reason to visit this place is to climb the mountain. Here there is a well marked trail, which any person with sufficient stamina can easily climb without a guide. There is a waterfall near the park headquarter, but this is only interesting if there is enough water. The trail initially is not so steep, but requires some skill because it is full of large stones, rocks and tree roots. The last part of the trail is very steep. Ropes have been laid out to help visitors climb the mountain. In the last part of the trail there are some vertical sections where climbers have to use metal ladders. On the summit there are good views of the surrounding region.
How to get to the Santubong national park
The Santubong national park can be easily reached by car or taxi from Kuching (it's a 40 minutes drive).
There is both expensive and inexpensive accomodation directly near the park. Most visitors choose however to stay in Kuching.
01 Santubong park headquarter 02 Forest trail 03 Forest trail 04 Dipterocarp tree 05 Waterfall
06 Forest stream 07 F6 waypoint 08 Forest trail at the F7 waypoint 09 Tree roots 10 Trail to the summit 11 Metal ladder
12 F10 rest area 13 F10 waypoint 14 Tree roots and rope 15 Metal ladders 16 Aluminium ladder 17 Metal ladders
18 Mt Santubong summit 19 Mt Santubong summit 20 View from the summit 21 View from the summit
22 Summit board 23 Forest trail 24 Tropical rainforest
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