A selection of pictures of the Sarawak Cultural Centre, a living museum located at Santubong. The Sarawak Cultural Village conserves and portrays the multi-faceted cultures and customs of ethnic groups such as the Ibans, Bidayuhs, and Melanaus. The Cultural Village is 35 km from Kuching town and is definitely a must-see attraction. Near the Cultural village there is the Damai beach.
The Cultural Village is quaintly landscaped with a manmade lake at the centre surrounded by 7 authentic replicas of ethnic houses: the Bidayuh centre house and longhouse, the Iban longhouse, the Penan hut, the Orang Ulu longhouse, the Melanau Rumah Tinggi, the Malay house and the Chinese farmhouse. Displayed in each house are many artefacts made by individual dwellers. Demonstration of arts and crafts like beadworks, wood and bamboo carvings, pua weaving and straw weaving can be seen while touring Village. The rich cultural heritage in the form of dances and music presented by various ethnic groups is one of the highlights of the visit. The grand cultural show which lasts about one hour is performed in the Village theatrette.
01 Entrance 02 Bamboo bridge to the Bidayuh house 03 Bamboo bridge to the Bidayu house 04 Top of the Bidayuh head house 05 Bidayuh head house
06 Inside the Bidayu head house 07 Bidayuh longhouse 08 Bidayu longhouse 09 Bidayu longhouse
10 Bidayu longhouse 11 Shields 12 Iban longhouse 13 Songket weaver 14 Iban beauty
15 Iban necklace 16 Penan hut 17 Kenyah longhouse 18 Kenyah longhouse 19 Tree of life wall decoration
20 Shields and baskets 21 Kenyah dancers 22 Kenyah girl 23 Kenyah dancer 24 Inside the Kenyah house
25 Kenyah woman 26 Melanau tall house 27 Melanau house 28 Inside the Melanau house 29 Dont hit my feet dance
30 Sarawakian beauty 31 Dont hit my feet dance 32 Sago palm trunk 33 Sago flour 34 Sago flour
35 Malay house 36 Inside the Malay house 37 Inside the Malay house 38 Malay house bedroom
39 Sarawak dance performance 40 Sarawak dance performance 41 Sarawak dance performance 42 Sarawak dance performance 43 Sarawak dance performance
44 Sunset on Damai beach 45 Sunset on Damai beach 46 Sunset on Damai beach
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