The Rejang (also known as Rajang) river, with 563km the longest river in Malaysia, penetrates deeply into the territory and serves a the major communications link between the coast and the interior areas. It originates in the Iran montains in Sarawak and flows into the South China sea. The upper part of Rejang river is also known as Batang Balui by the Orang Ulu, the native people of Sarawak. Towns on the Rejang river are Sibu, Kapit and Belaga. Speedboats do the trip from Belaga to Sibu in less than seven hours.
01 Tropical rainforest shrouded in mist 02 Tropical rainforest shrouded in mist 03 Longhouse along Rejang river 04 River bank with rainforest
05 Rejang river between Belaga and Kapit 06 Longhouse along Rejang river 07 Longhouse along Rejang river 08 Rejang river
09 Pelagus rapids 10 Pelagus rapids 11 Pelagus rapids 12 Pelagus rapids 13 Pelagus rapids
14 Pelagus resort 15 Pelagus rapids 16 Pelagus rapids 17 Longhouse along the Rejang
18 Rejang river bank 19 Settlement along Rejang river 20 Tropical rainforest and rocks 21 Rejang river near Kapit
22 Water treatment plant 23 Longhouse and jetty 24 Longhouse 25 Longhouse along Rejang river
26 Boat on Rejang river 27 Logging terminal along Rejang river 28 Logging terminal along Rejang river 29 Longhouse
30 Tree logs along Rejang river 31 Logging road and tree logs 32 Tree logs deposited along river bank 33 Tree logs deposited along river bank
34 Rejang river 35 Rejang river and rainforest 36 Jasa 98 tanker 37 Rejang river in Sibu
38 Rejang river
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