A selection of pictures of Belaga, the last major town in the upper Rejang valley, before the wilderness begins. Belaga can be reached my plane (from Bintulu) or by boat from Sibu and Kapit. Belaga is still relatively unknown by western tourists, but is an interesting place to visit and spend a few days. You can visit the longhouses in the area, do jungle treks or take a swim in the nearby rivers and waterfalls.

01 Propeller and clouds 02 Aerial view of Sarawak jungle 03 Belaga airport 04 Belaga airport 05 Staircase to jetty
06 Boat transfer to Belaga town 07 Boat transfer to Belaga town 08 Rejang river 09 Rejang river 10 Belaga jetty and staircase
11 Approaching Belaga jetty and staircase 12 Waiting hall near Belaga jetty 13 Tree 14 Uma Kahei Longhouse and plank way 15 Uma Kahei Longhouse
16 Interior of Uma Kahei longhouse 17 Uma Kahei longhouse side view 18 Uma Kahei longhouse 19 Kayan children in the longhouse
20 Kayan children in the longhouse 21 Kayan woman weaving a mat 22 Kayan man sitting 23 Old Kelabit woman 24 Plank way to houses
25 Tribal monument 26 Orang Ulu Sarawak cemetery 27 Orang Ulu Sarawak cemetery 28 Kajang longhouse and coconut palm 29 Kajang longhouse side view
30 Kajang longhouse room 31 Kajang longhouse room 32 Kajang child in the longhouse 33 Kajang children in the longhouse 34 Kajang man weaving basket
35 Tropical forest 36 Jungle and tree 37 Sungai Belaga river 38 Boatman reaching river bank 39 Waterfall 40 Jungle path
41 Mushrooms 42 Sungai Belaga river 43 Sungai Belaga river 44 Speedboat in Belaga 45 Rejang river and boats
46 Downtown Belaga 47 Downtown Belaga at sunset 48 Downtown Belaga 49 Downtown Belaga 50 Sally beauty salon
51 Totem pole
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