Miri is a city on the coast of northeastern Sarawak near the the Sultanate of Brunei. Miri has about 280000 inhabitants and is a major centre of the petroleum industry due to the nearby oilfields, the first dscovered in Malaysia. Miri has an airport with direct flights to Kuching, Kota Kinabalu and KL. The city itself is relatively small and does not have too many sights, except for an interesting city centre with some colonial era buildings and some temples. The main reason to come to Miri is that Miri is the gateway to a number of tourist attractions in the area: the national parks of Niah, Mulu and Similajau, Bario and the Kelabit highlands and the nearby Sultanate of Brunei, all easily accessible either by plane or overland.

01 Miri airport 02 KFC restaurant 03 KFC restaurant 04 Shopping complex 05 Imperial mall skyscraper
06 Bus station 07 Main street 08 Bus stop and shophouses 09 Main street 10 Shop in five-foot covered walkway
11 Roundabout 12 Ikan bilis dried fish 13 Ikan bilis dried fish 14 Shophouses 15 Shophouses
16 Chinese temple 17 Chinese temple 18 Chinese temple 19 Chinese temple
20 MASwings ATR-72 plane in Miri airport 21 Propeller
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