The Niah national park is home to the popular Niah cave, one of the world's largest limestone caves. The park itself covers an area of forest and limestone, all together about 3102 hectars in size. In the park the oldest human remains in South East Asia were found in the great caves, dating back some 40000 years ago.
Although there is accomodation in the park, I stayed in the village nearby (11 Km from the park HQ), as I arrived late in the afternoon and the accomodation in the village is less expensive anyway. The park is nice and the big cave is interesting, but I didn't see any wildlife when I was there. It didn't rain that much, considering that January is the rainy season in Sarawak.

01 Rambutan tree
02 Blossoms
03 Flower
04 Farm near Niah NP
05 Jetty
06 Path to Niah cave
07 Plant
08 Path to Niah cave
09 Logs
10 Path to Niah cave
11 Niah cave
12 Niah cave
13 Niah cave
14 Niah cave
15 Niah cave
16 Niah cave
17 Niah cave
18 Sunset over Sarawak
19 Sunset over Sarawak
20 Sunset over Sarawak
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