The Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Sanctuary lies 20km west of Sepilok near Kampung Sumawang in an area of mangrove forests. A large number of proboscis monkeys live here and are easy to see because twice a day they come close to an observation platform where they receive some food. The privately owned wildlife sanctuary is located within an oil palm estate and can only be reached from Sandakan by taxi or by a transfer service offered by the sanctuary (advance booking necessary). The sanctuary is the best place in Sabah where to observe wild proboscis monkeys.

01 Main gate
02 Silver leaf monkey
03 Silver leaf monkey
04 Silver leaf monkey
05 Silver leaf monkey
06 Proboscis monkey
07 Proboscis monkey
08 Proboscis monkeys walking on tree trunk
09 Proboscis monkey
10 Proboscis monkey
11 Proboscis monkey
12 Proboscis monkeys with baby
13 Proboscis monkeys
14 Female and male proboscis monkeys
15 Male proboscis monkey
16 Female proboscis monkey
17 Male proboscis monkey
18 Female proboscis monkey
19 Proboscis monkeys feeding
20 Proboscis monkeys feeding
21 Proboscis monkeys feeding
22 Proboscis monkey
23 Proboscis monkeys feeding
24 Male proboscis monkey
25 Male proboscis monkey
26 Proboscis monkeys on trees
27 Panoramic view
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