Sepilok is a rehabilitation centre for orangutans near Sandakan in Sabah. Orphaned young orangutans are brought to the centre, where they are prepared for a life in the wild. The Sepilok centre enables visitors to come in close contact with the remarkable "man of the forest" (this is what the Malay name means) and witness an exciting conservation programme in action. Only 25 kilometres from Sandakan, and set in 43 square kilometres of beautiful virgin rainforest, the sanctuary was begun in 1964 to help once captive orang utan learn to fend for themselves in the wild. The great thing about Sepilok is that you are absolutely guaranteed to see Orang Utans, some even at very close range. Other species of monkeys also live there. In the park there are several very interesting forest trails.

01 Office and cafeteria
02 Creek
03 Rainforest
04 Centipede
05 Centipede shedding skin
06 Orangutan
07 Orangutan
08 Young orangutan
09 Orangutan
10 Young orangutan
11 Young orangutan
12 Orangutan
13 Young and old orangutan
14 Orangutan
15 Young and old orangutan
16 Young and old orangutan
17 Viewing platform
18 Viewing platform
19 Viewing platform
20 Rainforest
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