Tioman Photo Gallery

I've been two times on Tioman island, the first time between September 14th and 23rd, 1999 and the second time between October 12th and 15th, 1999. During my second trip the weather was worse than on my first trip, as it was October and the monsoon season was approaching. What follows below are some excerpts of the emails I sent to my fiancee in KL while I was in Tioman.

14.09.99, Tuesday

I landed on Tioman today at noon. It's a very interesting island. The beaches are nothing special, but the animal life is very interesting. In the jungle I met monkeys on the trees, there are lizards everywhere (saw two lizards fighting) and I saw two trees full of bats. I made a long trip through the jungle. Currently I am staying in a nice, but basic bungalow with fan.

15.09.99, Wednesday

I'm having a serious problem with mosquitoes - they are eating me alive... I bought a Malaysian mosquito repellent for the skin, but I don't know how effective it is. Today was again sunny on Tioman. It's already two straight days of sun without rain.

Today I explored again the island. I'm staying on the west coast in a place called Ayer Batang Kampung (ABC) - not too bad, very quiet in the evenings.

20.09.99, Monday

I'm still in the Persona Hotel. Maybe I will stay until Friday on Tioman... or take the ferry to Mersing and go somewhere else... don't know yet. But I'll (try to) be back in KL on Friday afternoon.

21.09.99, Tuesday

Today I made the cross-island jungle walk to Juara beach (and return). It was nice, but nothing exceptional. While I'm writing this, I'm sitting in the Chinese restaurant. I can see thunders on the Malaysian coast - probably it's raining there (but not here).

12.10.99, Tuesday

I'm on Tioman and I'm freezing - well not really but it's quite cool. Today it rained here so everything is wet (no fun when everything is wet). This is going to be a cool night. I'm afraid that I will no longer be able to go the east coast and find good weather - but maybe tomorrow it's better.

13.10.99, Wednesday

Today again the sky was clouded - almost no sunshine, although it didn't rain.

14.10.99, Thursday

I won't go to Borneo next week - the weather is bad anyway. The weather this morning was good, then late in the afternoon clouds came and it started to rain. I did some snorkelling.

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