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Between 2000 and 2001 I've been twice in Sarawak, the first time between April 12th and April 19th, 2000 (visiting Kuching and west Sarawak), the second time between January 4th and January 12th visiting east Sarawak and Sabah. What follows below are excerpts of the emails I sent to my fiancee in KL (who couldn't join me as she had to work).

12.04.00, KL -> Kuching
Kuching is a nice place - you maybe just need a few hours to visit it, but it's nice. It has a 'Sarawakian' flair, a Bornean athmosphere. Sarawak looks like an interesting place. Tomorrow I'll visit an Orang-Utan rehabilitation centre.

13.04.00, Kuching
I woke up at 11:30am, then rushed to the Semenggoh orang utan rehabilitation centre. But there was only an orang utan in a cage, no one running around free. Was a bit disappointing.

15.04.00, Kuching -> Sibu
I made it to Sibu today. At first I wanted to take the boat from Kuching to Sibu. It was supposed to leave at 12:30pm according to the brochure of the tourist office. But when I arrived there shortly after noon, they told me the boat only leaves once per day at 8:15am. So I had to take a bus. Tomorrow I'll try to make it to Kapit, this time by boat.

16.04.00, Sibu -> Kapit
I'm in Kapit now - took the express boat from Sibu this afternoon. Tomorrow I'll visit a longhouse or go further upriver. This evening I asked the restaurant girl, how to visit a longhouse. She told me of a place and offered to be my guide tomorrow. We chatted for a while. Then she said that I should not travel alone. I said that I have a fiancee in KL. She looked a bit disappointed and asked why my fiancee is not travelling with me... what can I say. Kapit is a small town. Nothing to do here. Both my mobile phones don't work.

17.04.00, Longhouse -> Kapit -> Sibu -> Kuching
Today I took the boat from Kapit to Sibu and then the plane from Sibu to Kuching. The flight cost only 77 RM, while a bus would have cost 32 RM. Tomorrow I'll go to the Bako national park.

18.04.00, Bako NP
Right now I'm in the Bako National Park in Sarawak. It looks nice. Maybe I'll stay one more day and come back on Thursday.

2nd trip to Sarawak

03.01.01, still in KL

These are my plans for the trip to Sarawak/Sabah:
  • 4 Jan:
    • fly from Subang at 7:15am to Kota Kinabalu (KK),
    • then fly from KK to Miri at 10:50am, arrive at 11:45
    • then in Miri organize the permits for Mulu National Park
    • then take the bus to Batu Niah (2 hours)
    • arrive there maybe at 3pm
    • Visit the Niah Caves National Park
  • 6 Jan:
    • Take morning bus from Batu Niah to Miri,
    • at 13:35 fly from Miri to the Mulu National Park,arrive 14:10
    • Visit the Mulu National Park
  • 8 Jan:
    • 15:45: Fly from Mulu National Park to Miri, arrive at 16:20
    • 18:40: Fly from Miri to Kota Kinabalu, arrive at 19:20
    • try to make it to the Kinabalu National park (unlikely because it will be very late)
    • otherwise travel to the Kinabalu National park early morning of the Jan 9
  • 9 Jan:
    • Trek to the summit of Mount Kinabalu
    • spend the night in the Laban Rata resthouse at 3300 m
  • 10 Jan:
    • early morming wake up (3am), make it to the summit of Mount Kinabalu,
    • go back to Park headquarter
  • 11 Jan:
    • Take morning bus to Sandakan, from Sandakan to Sepilok orang utan rehabilitation centre or
    • straight to Sepilok orang utan rehabilitation centre and stay there
    • Visit the Sepilok orang utan rehabilitation centre
  • 12 Jan:
    • Make it to Sandakan airport
    • 12:45pm fly to Kota Kinabalu, arrive 13:25
    • 16:10 fly to KL, arrive at 18:35

04.01.01, KL-> KK > Miri -> Batu Niah
I made it to Batu Niah, a village just out of the Niah Caves National Park. I arrived here at 3pm and it was too late to go to the Park and watch the caves. So poor me, stuck here with nothing to do until tomorrow. This afternoon it started raining like HELL for hours, raining, raining, raining. I hope it's not going to rain like this when I climb Mount Kinabalu. Digi has no network in Batu Niah (but Celcom does).

05.01.01, Miri
Have visited the Niah National park in the morning then have gone back to Batu Niah. In the afternoon, since there were no more buses to Miri and I didn't want to spend one more night in Batu Niah, I took a taxi to Miri arriving in the evening.
I'm in Miri as planned and will fly to the Mulu National Park tomorrow. Flight is at 13:35 and the return flight to Miri is at 15:45 on January 8th.  I expect a communications blackout while I am in Mulu.

06-07.01.01, Mulu National Park
Yesterday I went to the caves (Lang cave and Deer cave). Especially the Lang cave is beautiful, probably the nicest cave I've ever seen. On the way back from the caves to the park HQ it started raining. Heavily. Very heavily. I had an umbrella but my trekking boots got soaking wet. They are still wet now and tomorrow I'm leaving this place. I used the hair dryer to dry (at least a little bit) the boots. Today I went to other caves (Wind cave and Clearwater cave). The interior of the Wind cave is breathtaking, absolutely fantastic. Stalagmites and stalagtites everywhere - it's called the "King's chamber". You can see the pictures here. Unfortunately when I was there the lights were off so it was 100% dark. I had to use a torchlight to get the camera to focus and the flash. Still the pictures look nice (I'm an expert...).

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