Kampung Cerating photo gallery

I've been twice in Kampung Cerating. The first time between August 31st and September 3rd 1999, the second time between November 10th and 12th, 1999. On the second stay, although we were in the middle of the monsoon season, the weather was ok (with some occasional rain showers. What follows are some excerpts of the email exchange I had with my fiancee while I was in Cerating. Basically it are my first impressions of the place.

01.09.99, Kampung Cerating

Kampung Cerating is nice, although the beach is nothing special and you can't swim in the sea because of the jellyfish. But the weather is great (two days of sun - no rain) and here it is very quiet. It's a good place to relax.


02.09.99, Kampung Cerating

Today again the sun is shining at Kampung Cerating... looks like the nice season started. The place I'm staying is simple, but very nice. Yesterday I climbed along the coast on the rocks for many hours - this is slightly dangerous, because the rocks are very steep and razor-sharp (very easy to scratch yourself) and I only had my slippers... I also couldn't use my left foot properly, because I had a wound (hurt myself on the corals while walking in the sea the day before). But today the wound is already healed.

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