2 - 6 September 2000

Cambodia Photo Gallery

Some of the posts I made in the rec.travel.asia newsgroup immediately after coming back from Cambodia in September 2000:

07.09.2000, Bangkok - Angkor Wat overland... We're back (brief trip report)

Well, we just came back from Siem Reap, we're still alive and nobody robbed us (we made the trip with expensive equipment by the way - high end camera, subnotebook, mobile phones). In BKK we paid 200 Baht each for the ticket to Siem Reap. At the border we paid additional 200 Baht each for the privilege to sit inside the cabin of the pick up truck. A good idea, since initially the sun was very strong and later it started raining like hell. On the way back the ticket was considerably more expensive. The Cambodian part of the road was in terrible conditions. The pickup truck needed seven hours from Poipet to Siem Reap (same on the way back). There were some (big) trucks stuck in the mud, blocking the traffic. The notebook's hard disk has survived a total of 14 hours of very bumpy ride.

We spent three days visiting the temples, taking over 800 pictures. It didn't rain much (only a bit on the second day) in Siem Reap, but the sky was covered with clouds most of the time - no sunset pictures of Angkor Wat...

Unless they repair the road on the Cambodian side I'll take the plane next time.

Ah... one last thing. GSM roaming works in Cambodia (I'm subscribed to the German D1 network). There are a total of three networks of which Mobitel KH was available to us. There is coverage in the major towns (Poipet, Sisophon, Siem Reap) - but strangely not in Angkor. There are also prepaid cards from Mobitel for sale, although I don't know if they are available to foreigners.

Internet access cost 2 US $ for 15 minutes, 3,50 US $ for 30 minutes and so on (very slow).


We just came back from Cambodia where we spent three full days visiting Angkor. We stayed in Siem Reap and took no malaria pills. Surprise, surprise there were no mosquitoes in Siem Reap and surroundings. I can't remember having been stung by a mosquito in Cambodia at all (we travelled overland from/to Bangkok). And this during the rainy season. Iwas really surprised, because usually I always get stung by mosquitoes everywhere.

16.09.2000, Thailand-Cambodia overland

Hi, I travelled overland from Bangkok to Siem Reap ten days ago. From Buriram you'll have to make it to Aranya Prathet (don't know if there is a bus. From there to the border is just a few kilometers. At the border the visa is available for 1000 Baht (at the embassy in Bangkok it costs 800 Baht). Once you cross the border you'll travel to Siem Reap on the back of a pickup truck (sitting on your bag). To sit inside the cabin, pay 200 Baht. Better  stay inside the cabin, as the sun is unforgiving and it might start raining. Get a plastic bag for your luggage, as it might get wet and full of mud.

The road is in a terrible condition, with very huge holes. I payed 200 Baht for the whole trip from Bangkok to Siem Reap + another 200 Baht at the border to be allowed to sit inside the cabin. On the way back it's more expensive, 15 US $ (600 Baht).

Concerning safety I had no problems, in spite of the fact that I was travelling with some very expensive gear (high end camera, notebook, mobile phone). Unlike Phnom Penh, in Siem Reap you can walk around in town at night. You don't have to rent a guide. But there is no bus to the ruins, so you'll have to rent bycicles (available at some guesthouses) or a motorbike (but foreigners are not allowed to do so). If you take a motorbike + guide (you sit on the back), that will cost you only 6-8 US $ for the whole day (a car + driver is 20 US $).

Near Angkor there is the Roulos temple complex.

Cheap accomodation starts at 3 US $ for a simple room with fan, goes up to 10 - 20 US $ for a room with A/C and more if you stay in a "real" hotel.


Flights from Bangkok to Siem Reap are 155 US $ one way. The VISA costs 20 US $ (both in Bangkok and on arrival in Siem Reap).

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