The tomb of emperor Tu Duc was built between 1864-67 in a pine forest area. It is surrounded by a wall and contains a pond (the Luu Khiem lake). This tomb is perhaps the least impressive of the imperial tombs in Hue.

The tomb of Khai Dinh is one of the more recent imperial tombs having been built between 1920 and 1932. It lies in a very scenic position in the Chau mountain, 10km south of Hue. It was built entirely in concrete and is one of the more elaborate of all imperial tombs with richly decorated interiors.
01 Tu Duc tomb - Hoa Khiem palace 02 Tu Duc tomb roof detail 03 Tu Duc tomb - terraces and pond
04 Tu Duc tomb - pond and Xung Khiem pavilion 05 Tu Duc tomb pond 06 Entrance and staircase to Khai Dinh tomb 07 Khai Dinh tomb - stele pavilion
08 Khai Dinh tomb - row of statues 09 Khai Dinh tomb - stele pavilion 10 Hills near Khai Dinh tomb 11 Khai Dinh tomb 12 Altar - Khai Dinh tomb
13 Statue - Khai Dinh tomb 14 Khai Dinh tomb - stele pavilion 15 Second gate - Khai Dinh tomb 16 Main gate - Khai Dinh tomb
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