The ancient town of Hoi An, a small coastal city in central Vietnam, lies on the banks of the Thu Bon River. It was an important port and commercial centre in the 16th and 17th centuries, when trade with China and Japan flourished. During this period Chinese, Japanese, Dutch and Indian traders settled down. Much of the traders wealth was spent on temples and clan houses (socalled Chinese assembly halls), which are very well preserved. Hoi An is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which attracts a large number of tourists due to its impressive historical and cultural heritage, its tranquil riverside setting and its wide array of shops and galleries.
01 Gate 02 Jinshang golden mountain temple 03 Jinshang golden mountain temple 04 Roof detail
05 Inner court and temple 06 Painted wall carving 07 Painted wall carving detail 08 Altar and incense spirals
09 Secondary altar 10 Assembly hall with chairs 11 Altar 01 Bicycle rickshaws near Guangdong assembly hall 02 Bicycle rickshaws near Guangdong assembly hall
03 Guangdong assembly hall gate 04 Guangdong assembly hall gate 05 Zhaoying hall gate 06 Chuaong hall 07 Dragon painting on Chuaong hall door
08 All Chinese assembly hall 09 All Chinese assembly hall 10 All Chinese assembly hall 11 Painted wall carving
12 Court with blue dragon sculptures and fountain 01 Blue gate 02 Inner court with temple 03 Yellow temple 04 Yellow temple
05 Decorations and lion statue 06 Temple hall 07 Temple hall 08 Altar with golden Buddha statue
01 Boats anchored in river 02 Boats anchored in river 03 Boats anchored in river 04 Boats anchored in river
05 Canoe 06 Waterfront with houses 07 Canoe 08 Boats anchored in river
09 Boats anchored in river 10 Restaurant on river at night 11 Restaurant on river at night 12 Riverfront at night 13 Riverfront at night
14 Street flooded by river at night 15 Street flooded by river at night 01 Paintings shop 02 Coloured pearls chains 03 Lanterns shop
04 Lanterns shop 05 Coloured Chinese lanterns 06 Silk shop 07 Restaurant balcony 08 Restaurant with balcony
09 Silk shops 10 Silk and souvenir shop 11 Souvenir shop interior 12 Pizzeria restaurant 13 Pizzeria restaurant
14 Silk and apparel shops 15 Silk and apparel shop 16 Tan Tan cafe 17 Tourists sitting in cafe at night 18 Bar restaurant at night
19 Bar restaurant at night 01 Panorama view with fields 02 Old man carrying heavy baskets 03 Alley
04 Spherical lanterns frames 05 Japanese covered bridge 06 Japanese covered bridge 07 Japanese bridge entrance 08 Japanese bridge detail
09 Street market 10 Souvenir seller 11 Fruits vendor stall 12 Yam (sweet potatoes) 13 Vegetables and fruits seller 14 Vegetables and fruits seller
15 Vegetables and fruits seller 16 Vegetables and fruits seller 17 Buddha heads and statues
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