With over 1.3 million inhabitants, Danang (Đà Nẵng in Vietnamese) is the third largest city in Vietnam. It is located in the centre of Vietnam along the mouth of the Han river, 600km south of Hanoi and 600 km north of Ho-Chi-Minh city.
Danang dates back to the Champa kingdom period (2nd century AD), but only experienced significant growth after the 19th century when it became the main port in central Vietnam. Danang was part of French Indochina between the 1880s and the end of World War II.
Due to the destruction of the Vietnam war there are almost no historical buildings in Danang. The strip of land between the Han river to the west and the South China sea is an area with many hotels and skyscrapers. An endless white sand beach extends from the Nui Son Tra peninsula until the next river estuary at Hoi An.
Danang is a good base from which to explore the UNESCO world heritage sites in the region. To the south along the coast there is historical city of Hoi An, while 40km to the southwest in the interior there are the ruins of My Son. To the north there is the former imperial capital Hue.
Danang is a major tourist centre and attracts a large number of tourists every year, mainly Asian from South Korea and China. The beach is nice but the sea water is not very clean. In the city centre around the Han river there are very few cafes and restaurants.
How to get to Danang
Danang has an international airport with direct connections (even low cost ones) to many Asian cities and capitals and Vietnamese cities. In fact, Danang is the major access point to Central Vietnam. There is also a train station with trains to the north (Hanoi) and the south and bus connections to other Vietnamese cities.
There are countless hotels in Danang, especially in the land strip between the Han river and the beach. Competition helps to drive room rates to reasonable levels.
01 Main gate 02 Marble lion statue 03 Nine storey pagoda 04 Arhat statue
05 Central court with 18 arhat statues 06 Temple 07 Temple 08 Arhat statue
09 Central court with 18 arhat statues 10 Arhat statue 11 Inner court 12 Goddess of mercy statue
13 Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara 14 Goddess of mercy statue 15 Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara 16 Golden Buddha statue 17 Buddha statue 18 Goddess altar
19 Inside the temple 20 Chinese gate 21 Gate and statue 22 Gate and statue 23 Chinese gate
01 Airport immigration queue 02 Tram Huong 2 hotel 03 Pham Van Dong street 04 Novotel hotel 05 Pham Van Dong street 06 Nhu Minh Plaza
07 Adina hotel 08 Lenid hotel 09 Adina hotel 10 Merry Land hotel 11 Overpass Nga Tu Hue 12 Overpass Nga Tu Hue
13 Vinh Trung Plaza 14 Cho Con market 15 Mi AA Happy Bread restaurant 16 Mi AA Happy Bread restaurant
17 Mi AA Happy Bread restaurant 18 Danang airport departure hall 19 Danang airport
20 Vietnam gift shop 21 Airport cafe 01 Dragon bridge 02 Dragon bridge
03 Dragon bridge 04 Promenade 05 Riverside statue
06 Riverside walk 07 Lovers sculpture 08 Riverside statue
09 Dragon bridge
10 Dragon bridge at dusk
11 Han river at night
12 Han river at night 13 Han river bridge at night
14 Han river panorama 15 Han river at night
16 Han river skyline 17 Skyscraper waterfront 01 Staircase 02 Chinese temple
03 Buddhist altar 04 Small temple 05 Small temple 06 Six storey pagoda 07 Temple roofs
08 Temple 09 Staircase 10 Staircase 11 Staircase
12 Marble shops street 13 Marble shops 14 Mosaic decoration
15 Mosaic dragon 16 Vietnamese temple 01 Entrance to main cave 02 Huyen Khong cave 03 Shrine
04 Shrine 05 Entrance to main cave 06 Main cave 07 Huyen Khong cave 08 Main cave 09 Buddhist altar
10 Buddha statue 11 Huyen Khong cave 12 Buddhist shrine 13 Buddhist shrine 14 Main cave
15 Huyen Khong cave 16 Taoist altar 01 Staircase to the entrance 02 Cave entrance 03 Wall statue
04 Am Phu cave 05 Goddess shrine 06 Illuminated wheel of life 07 Nine gods shrine 08 Sam Hoi Dai altar
09 Am Phu cave 10 Am Phu cave 11 Illuminated wheel of life 12 The spiritual scale 13 Am Phu cave 14 Am Phu cave
15 Staircase 16 Am Phu cave 17 Staircase 18 Am Phu cave 19 Buddha shrine
20 Rock statues 21 Cave altar 01 Danang skyline
02 Danang skyline 03 Danang skyline
04 Danang skyline 05 View from Marble hills towards south
06 South Danang coastline 07 South Danang coastline
08 Danang bay
09 Danang bay
10 Danang bay
11 Danang bay
12 Danang bay 01 Cham museum
02 Ganesha statues 03 Shiva 04 Ganesha statue 05 Statue of Hanuman 06 Pillar section
07 Bust of woman 08 Chariot 09 Goddess 10 Elephant statue 11 Statue of warrior
12 Dragon statue 13 Column section 01 Incense sticks in Han market 02 Han market 03 Fresh fruits
04 Han market 05 Han market 06 Tran street at dusk 07 Vincom Plaza shopping mall
08 Vincom Plaza shopping mall 09 Vincom Plaza food court 10 Vincom Plaza food court 01 Beach cafes and restaurants
02 Danang beach 03 Danang beach
04 Danang beach 05 Beach 06 Beach
07 Beach 08 Young women walking on the beach 09 Beach
10 Danang beach
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