The Marble Mountains (Ngũ Hành Sơn in Vietnamese) are a group of five marble outcrops emerging from the plains 8 km south of Danang. The hills are heavily forested and contain several temples and shrines, both above the hills and in the many caves inside the rock. Each mountain is named after one of the five elements: water, wood, fire, metal and earth. Several paths and staircases give access to the various caves and temples. There is even an elevator which from the ground leads to the top of the hills. In the past, marble was mined in the mountains, but nowadays rock extraction from the mountains has been banned. The Marble Mountains are one of the key tourist attractions in Danang.
01 Staircase 02 Chinese temple 03 Buddhist altar 04 Small temple 05 Small temple
06 Six storey pagoda 07 Temple roofs 08 Temple 09 Staircase 10 Staircase
11 Staircase 12 Marble shops street 13 Marble shops 14 Mosaic decoration
15 Mosaic dragon 16 Vietnamese temple
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