The Cham museum (Bảo Tàng Chăm in Vietnamese) lies along the banks of the Han river in Danang. It was set up in 1915 by the École Française d'Extrême Orient and contains almost 300 stone artifacts (statues, fragments of buildings etc.) of the Champa kingdom period (an Indic civilisation in southern Vietnam, 500-1500 AD). This is the largest collection of Cham sculpture worldwide. The artifacts were collected in various Champa sites in southern Vietnam. The museum is in an open and bright two-storey building and is relatively small, if compared to other museums.
01 Cham museum 02 Ganesha statues 03 Shiva 04 Ganesha statue 05 Statue of Hanuman
06 Pillar section 07 Bust of woman 08 Chariot 09 Goddess 10 Elephant statue
11 Statue of warrior 12 Dragon statue 13 Column section
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