Uzhhorod (Ужгород in Ukrainian, Ungvár in Hungarian and Ungwar/Uschhorod in German) is a small city of 115000 inhabitants in western Ukraine, not far from the borders to Slovakia and Hungary. The city has a few interesting sights (a castle, an open air meseum, some churches and a synagogue), but is not exactly a tourist highlights. It's mainly a convenient place where to stop before crossing the borders into Slovakia or Hungary. It can take several hours to cross these borders, so it's better not to arrive at the border late in the evening. It's best to spend a night in Uzhhorod before crossing the borders.
Still Uzhhorod is also a surprisingly interesting place, because you wouldn't expect to find so many sights in a small place in a remote location. Uzhhorod actually became Ukrainian only after World War II. Before that it was briefly Slovak (between the two world wars) and has been Hungarian for several centuries.
How to get to Uzhhorod
There is an airport with flights to Kyiv and a train station with trains to Ukraine, Hungary or Slovakia. It's also possible to reach Uzhhorod by car. Crossing the border by car into Hungary took us 15 hours in August 2021. It's as if border officials do not care about travellers or want to restrict tourism in the city, which is a shame, because Uzhhorod has potential.
There are a number of hotels and pensions in Uzhhorod, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Voloshyna pedestrian area 02 Transcarpathian academic puppet theatre Bavka 03 Uzh river 04 Shops on Petofi Sandor square 05 Shops on Petofi Sandor square
06 Shops on Petofi Sandor square 07 Petofi Sandor pedestrian area 08 Petofi Sandor pedestrian area
09 Petofi Sandor square 10 Petofi Sandor pedestrian area 11 Cafe 12 Cafe
13 Cafe 14 Priest mansion 17th century 15 Hotel Old Continent 01 Greek catholic cathedral 02 Church of St George
03 Church of St George 04 Greek catholic cathedral 05 Synagogue 06 Synagogue 07 Synagogue
08 Greek catholic cathedral 09 Greek catholic cathedral at night 10 Greek catholic cathedral 11 Greek catholic cathedral at night 12 Church of St George at night 01 Moat
02 Bridge over moat 03 Main gate 04 Bastion 05 Squirrel 06 Castle wall
07 Tree 08 Castle wall 09 aza 10 Corridor 11 Inner court
12 Inner court 13 Dungeon 14 Bastion 15 Bridge over moat 16 Bridge over moat
17 Bastion 01 Wooden hut 02 Hutsul house 03 Carpathian house 04 Carpathian house
05 Reed roof house 06 Shelestovo wooden church 07 Shelestovo wooden church 08 Shelestovo wooden church of St Michael 09 Husnyj house
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