Adjacent to the castle of Uzhhorod there is the Transcarpathian Architecture and Lifestyle museum, an open air museum with a number of wooden houses and churches of the Carpathians. It contains more than 30 wooden buildings and churches collected from villages across Zakarpattia oblast, the region around Uzhhorod.
01 Wooden hut 02 Hutsul house 03 Carpathian house 04 Carpathian house
05 Reed roof house 06 Shelestovo wooden church 07 Shelestovo wooden church 08 Shelestovo wooden church of St Michael 09 Husnyj house
10 Husnyj house 11 Husnyj house 12 Hutsul house 13 Hutsul house 14 Carpathian house
15 Open air museum 16 Open air museum 17 Hutsul house
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