The centre of Uzhhorod is centered around the river, with interesting areas on both sides. There is a pedestrian area on both sides of the river which in 2021 was being extended / renovated on the southern side, beyond the Petofi Sandor square. North of the river there are a number of cafes and restaurants between the river and the castle.
01 Voloshyna pedestrian area 02 Transcarpathian academic puppet theatre Bavka 03 Uzh river 04 Shops on Petofi Sandor square 05 Shops on Petofi Sandor square
06 Shops on Petofi Sandor square 07 Petofi Sandor pedestrian area 08 Petofi Sandor pedestrian area
09 Petofi Sandor square 10 Petofi Sandor pedestrian area 11 Cafe 12 Cafe
13 Cafe 14 Priest mansion 17th century 15 Hotel Old Continent
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