Lviv is a city of 717000 inhabitants in western Ukraine, about 60km from the border to Poland. It is the most important business centre of Western Ukraine.
Lviv was founded as a city in 1250 by King Daniel of Galicia on the site of a 5th century settlement. Having suffered destruction by the Mongols in 1261, it was rebuilt in 1270 and later prospered as an administrative, religious and commercial centre due to its favourable geographical position. Lviv was not destroyed during World War II and therefore has a well preserved historic core.
Nowadays most buildings in the old town are built in Baroque and Neoclassical styles. There is a small pedestrian area around the Rynok, the market square with the town hall building, with a number of large churches. Along Svobody avenue there is an extended square with a park, with the Opera house at one of its ends. The ensemble of the historic centre of Lviv has been a UNESCO world heriatge site since 1998.
How to get to Lviv
Lviv has an international airport and a train station. It can also be reached by car.
There are many hotels in and near Lviv, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Forum Lviv shopping mall 02 Cured meat and sausages 03 Old town 04 Gunpowder tower 05 Gunpowder tower
06 Carmelite church 07 Dormition church 08 City hall tower 09 Open air resturant at night 10 Archcathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary
11 Historical centre at night 12 Church of transfiguration 13 Ruska street 14 Taras Shevchenko statue
15 Svobody avenue 16 Svobody avenue 17 Katedralna square 18 Rynok square
19 City hall on Rynok square 20 Rynok square 21 Rynok square 22 Carmelite church 23 Ruska street
24 Lviv city hall 25 Lviv city hall 26 Dormition church 27 Dormition church
28 Dormition church 29 Arsenal museum 30 Pedestrin area 31 Restaurant on city hall square 32 Lviv city hall 33 City hall square
34 City hall square 35 City hall tower 36 City hall square 37 Church of transfiguration 38 Church of transfiguration 39 Church of transfiguration
40 Church of transfiguration 41 Armenian cathedral 42 Lviv opera 43 Lviv opera
44 Lviv rheatre of opera and ballet 45 Lviv opera 46 Lviv opera 47 Damaged building on Svobody avenue 48 Damaged building on Svobody avenue
49 Temple of John the Baptist 50 Castle park 51 High Castle restaurant 52 Union of Lublin mound
53 Union of Lublin mound 54 Lviv skyline 55 Television tower
56 City hall 57 City hall 58 City hall tower 59 Ruska street 60 Lviv old town
61 Lviv old town 62 Street music band 63 Lviv opera and fountain 64 Lviv opera square 65 Opera fountain
66 Opera fountain 67 Opera fountain 68 National museum 69 National museum 70 Forum Lviv shopping mall
71 Forum Lviv shopping mall 72 Forum Lviv shopping mall 73 Lviv opera and fountain 74 Lviv opera and fountain
75 Lviv opera at night 76 Lviv opera at night
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