The Jumeirah mosque is one, perhaps the largest, of several mosques in the Jumeirah district to the east of the Dubai city centre. The streets in Dubai are relatively clean and well maintained. Several cafes and restaurants are located along the creek watefront.
01 Clock tower on Al Maktoum road 02 Clock tower 03 Palm trees on Al Khaleej road 04 Dubai men talking at table 05 Hyatt Regency hotel
06 Palm trees and cars on Al Khaleej road 07 Pigeons feeding on grain 08 Landmark Plaza hotel 09 Downtown Dubai 10 Jumeirah mosque
11 Jumeirah mosque minarets 12 Jumeirah mosque 13 Heritage and diving village
14 Dining chairs and tables along creek 15 Skyscrapers at night 16 Skyscrapers at night 17 Skyscraper 18 Ibn Battuta gate
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