The city of Dibba lies on the Gulf of Oman, 40km southeast of Ras al Khaimah and 100km northeast of Dubai, adjacent to the border of Oman. Dibba is shared by two emirates (Fujairah and Sharjah) and Oman. The city has been settled since the second millenium BC, although no ancient structures are visible today. Dibba has a mediocre beach. The Omani part of it is the starting point of dhow cruises to Musandam. Along the coast south of Dibba there are a few beach resorts. The coastline is pleasant and attracts local Emiratis who come here for picnics in the fresh season.
01 Sheikh Zayed mosque 02 Clock tower and Sheikh Zayed mosque 03 Sheikh Zayed mosque 04 Sheikh Zayed mosque
05 Sheikh Zayed mosque 06 Minaret of Sheikh Zayed mosque 07 Clock tower 08 Clock tower 09 Beach
10 Beach and Rashid bin Ahmed al Qassimi mosque 11 Beach
12 Beach resort 13 Stone beach 14 Stone beach
15 Picnic area with white cars
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