Al Ain is a city in the Abu Dhabi Emirate adjacent to the border to Oman, 140km west of Abu Dhabi and 125km south of Dubai. The city has developed around an oasis in the desert and has been inhabited for over 4000 years. Al Ain is a very green place, with carefully choreographed gardens. As with most cities in the U.A.E. also Al Ain is a very modern place with shopping malls, with few historical buildings, one of them being the Jahili fort. The Al Ain oasis contains date palms and extends over 1200 hectare in the centre of Al Ain. Near Al Ain is Jebel Hafeet, a mountain with a good view of the area. North of Al Ain lies the Hili archaelogical park.
01 Al Jahili fort 02 Round tower 03 Round tower
04 Fort walls and gate 05 Main gate 06 Main gate
07 Inner courtyard
08 Inner fort 09 Stairs to round tower 10 Round tower at night 11 Main gate at night
12 Al Jahili fort 13 Main gate at night 01 Square with roundabout
02 UAE university 03 UAE university 04 Castle as christmas decoration 05 Ice rink in Al Ain mall 06 Al Salami shop
07 Artificially irrigated flowerbeds 08 Murabba heritage fort 09 Pedestrian area with trees 10 Zayed bin Sultan street 11 Date palm oasis
12 Date palm oasis 13 Date palm oasis 14 Date palm oasis 15 Date palm oasis 16 Date palm oasis 17 Al Ain palace museum
18 Al Ain palace museum 19 Al Ain palace museum 20 Guard in traditional dress 21 Chocolate pancake
22 Yellow flowers 23 Emirati man with child 24 Emirati family 25 Al Badawi shopping mall
26 Al Badawi mall 27 Al Badawi mall 01 Ancient tower
02 Bowl 03 Jar 04 Bronze spear and axe heads 05 Bronze axe head
06 Bronze arrowheads 07 Storage jars 1st millenium BC 08 Storage jars 1st millenium BC 09 Storage jar 1st millenium BC
10 Storage jars 1st millenium BC 11 Storage jar 1st millenium BC 12 Pottery 3rd millenium BC 13 Grey pottery vessel 3rd millenium BC
14 Grey pottery vessels 3rd millenium BC 01 Hili tower B 02 Hili tower B 03 Hili tower A
04 Flowerbeds and meadow 05 Hili grand tomb 06 Grand tomb
07 Carvings on tomb 08 Hili 1 settlement
09 Hili 1 settlement
10 Hili 1 settlement
11 Hili 1 settlement 12 Tree 13 Date palms on meadow
14 Date palms on meadow 15 Hili 1 settlement 16 Tomb window with decorations
17 Hili tomb 18 Hili tomb
19 Hili 10 building foundations 01 Jebel Hafeet
02 Jebel Hafeet panoramic view
03 Panoramic view of Al Ain
04 Panoramic view of Al Ain
05 Summit pedestrian area 06 Road to the summit
07 Summit road 08 Car parking on summit
09 Emirati men in traditional dress
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