The city of Al Ain extends over a large area adjacent to the border of Oman. It is centered around the Al Ain oasis, a date palm oasis extending over 1200 hectares. There is not that much in terms of historical and heritage buildings, but the city is elegant and clean, with plenty of green areas and several shopping malls. With over half a million inhabitants, Al Ain is a pretty large urban centre in the Arabian desert.
01 Square with roundabout 02 UAE university 03 UAE university 04 Castle as christmas decoration
05 Ice rink in Al Ain mall 06 Al Salami shop 07 Artificially irrigated flowerbeds 08 Murabba heritage fort
09 Pedestrian area with trees 10 Zayed bin Sultan street 11 Date palm oasis 12 Date palm oasis 13 Date palm oasis 14 Date palm oasis
15 Date palm oasis 16 Date palm oasis 17 Al Ain palace museum 18 Al Ain palace museum
19 Al Ain palace museum 20 Guard in traditional dress 21 Chocolate pancake 22 Yellow flowers
23 Emirati man with child 24 Emirati family 25 Al Badawi shopping mall
26 Al Badawi mall 27 Al Badawi mall
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