The Corniche road extends for about 8km at the northern end of the Abu Dhabi island, starting shortly after the fish market and ending at the Emirates Palace hotel. It's the main waterfront area of Abu Dhabi and is lined by a wide seaside promenade and pleasant greeneries. Two long beaches, each a few km long, run parallel to the Corniche. The Corniche is an elegant recreation area used by joggers, cyclists and beachgoers in the fresh months, when it's not too hot to be outdoors.
01 Promenade 02 Landmark and World Trade Center
03 Beach
04 Family beach 05 Promenade 06 Promenade and Landmark tower
07 Beach 08 Bougainvillea flowers and Landmark tower 09 Pedestrian subway staircase 10 Dhow boat mosaic
11 Pedestrian subway 12 Fountain 13 Fountain
14 Beach 15 Cyclists on promenade 16 Promenade
17 Beach 18 Street lamp 19 The Landmark skyscraper
20 Children playground and skyscrapers 21 Corniche road
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