Sanliurfa, locally known as Urfa (or al-Ruha in Arabic and Riha in Kurdish) is a city of 2 million inhabitants in the centre of the Euphrates/Tigris basin, the large city closest to the Atatürk dam. Known in ancient times as Edessa, the area around it has been settled since at least 9000 BC. Prehistoric sites in the area include Duru, Harran, Nevali Cori, Göbekli Tepe, Gürcütepe and the city itself. A number of artifacts which have been excavated in the area are on display in the archaeology museum and the mosaic museum.
The historic core is centered around the Gölbashi park which contains the Balikligöl pond and some mosques. Around the park there are several other mosques and some former Christian churches. On a hill overlooking the park there are the ruins of a massive castle built during the Mamluk period. Inside the castle there are two Corinthian columns, the remnants of a 2nd century palace.
Opposite the museums lies the Kizilkoyun necropolis, excavated in 2016 and containing a several rooms cut into the rock. The Piazza mall is a large and modern mall with a food court. it lies adjacent to the museums and the necropolis.
How to get to Sanliurfa
Sanliurfa has an airport with flights to Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Sanliurfa can also be reached by motorway from Gaziantep.
There are several hotels, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.

01 Kizilkoyun necropolis 02 Archaeology museum
03 Kizilkoyun necropolis 04 Kizilkoyun necropolis 05 Kizilkoyun necropolis
06 Hotel El-Ruha 07 Sofa with pillows 08 Rizvaniye mosque 09 Gölbashi park
10 Rizvaniye mosque 11 Rizvaniye mosque 12 Mevlid-I Halil mosque 13 Mevlid-I Halil mosque
14 Skyline 15 Turkish flag 16 Turkish flag
17 Southern Sanliurfa 18 Kale castle ruins
19 Staircase to castle 20 Mevlid-I Halil mosque 21 Mevlid-I Halil mosque 22 Kale castle ruins 23 Gölbashi park
24 Gölbashi park 25 Gate to Mevlid-I Halil mosque 26 Windows of Rizvaniye mosque 27 Rizvaniye mosque 28 Windows of Rizvaniye mosque
29 Gölbashi park 30 Corinthian columns at night 31 Shops at night
32 Piazza mall 01 Urfa man statue 02 Urfa man statue 03 Urfa man statue
04 Woman figure 05 Animal statue 06 Human head statue 07 Boar statue 08 Limestone statue
09 Human statue 10 Totem 11 Göbeklitepe excavation site model 12 Totem 13 Mortar and pestle
14 Mortar and pestle 15 Grinding stone 16 Piece of a stone bowl 17 Bird figure 18 Hand axe
19 Hand axe 20 Göbeklitepe temple 21 Totem 22 Head of statue 23 Snake head of statue
24 Nevali Cori temple 25 Eye idol 26 Wall of mosaic nails 27 Fruit bowls
28 Fruit bowl 29 Deer leg bowl 30 Large bowls with base 31 Rhyton 32 Museum lamp
33 Soldier relief 34 Lamassu 35 Basalt stela 36 King Nabonid relief inscription 37 Assyrian head
38 Relief human head stele 39 Lion and human relief 40 Roman era columns
41 Nike statue 42 Vine patterned column 43 Brothers stele 44 Museum lamp
45 Archaeology museum 01 Museum hall 02 Servant and zebra mosaic
03 Ktisis mosaic 04 Hunting amazons mosaic 05 Hunting amazon 06 Hunting amazon
07 Hunting amazon 08 Orpheus mosaic
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