Mardin is a picturesque city in southeastern Turkey. It is located on a mountain at 1000m of altitude and therefore has cold and rainy winters. The area around Mardin has been settled since prehistoric times, but the buildings nowadays present in the city date back to the medieval period and later. The historic centre of Mardin is picturesque and contains a multitude of beautiful buildings built with pale, honey-coloured local stone, many with intricately carved bas-reliefs. Mardin looks like a city which due to its cuteness attracts lots of tourists. In fact, along the main Birinci Caddesi street there are countless shops geared towards tourists.
How to get to Mardin
Mardin has no own airport. It can be reached by motorway from Sanliurfa or Diyarbakir.
There are several hotels, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
Historic core photo gallery  - 29 pictures of Historic core
Museums photo gallery  - 30 pictures of Museums
Deyr-az-Zaferan monastery photo gallery  - 15 pictures of Deyr-az-Zaferan monastery
29 photos of the historic core of Mardin, with its impressive architecture
30 photos of the Mardin museum and the Sakıp Sabancı City museum
15 photos of the Syrian Orthodox Deyr-az-Zaferan monastery near Mardin
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