The Syrian Orthodox monastery of the mother of God is located in the city of Hah (Anıtlı in Turkish), about 25km northeast of Midyat.
The main church was built during the reign of the ROman emperor Justinian II (401-450 AD) and was later expanded in the 6th century AD.
The monastery is in a walled compound with a large inner court. The church has a square base and is richly decorated. The monastery seems abandoned, even if there is a caretaker who can let visitors into the compound. The church adn the other structures inside the monastery are in a good preservation status.
How to get to the monastery of the mother of God
The monastery can be easily reached by car from Midyat. The road is good.
There is no accomodation in the Hah village or nearby. The closest hotels probably are in Midyat.
01 Inner court 02 Church tower 03 Gate 04 Altar 05 Corridor
06 Inner court 07 Church roof 08 Church tower 09 Church
10 Railing 11 Gate 12 Inner court and gate 13 Church
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