Diyarbakir is a large city of 1.7 million inhabitants in southeast Turkey (Mesopotamia), in the northern Kurdistan region. It lies on the banks of the Tigris river. Diyarbakir and the region around it have been settled since prehistoric times. It was an important city of the Ottoman empire. The historic core of Diyarbakir is surrounded by city walls and contains a citadel in the northeastern part. To a large extent it is a pedestrian area where it is easy to walk around and explore the streets. There are several mosques, some dating back to the Middle Ages. There are also Christian churches, because in the past the region was also populated by Armenian and Syrian Christians.
Nowadays the historic core is full of life, with countless shops, food stalls, souvenir stalls and restaurants.
How to get to Diyarbakir
Diyarbakir has an airport with flights to Turkey and some cities in Germany. It also has a railway station.
There are several hotels, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Nuts and dried fruits shop 02 Nuts and dried fruits shop 03 Wooden handcarts 04 Wooden handcarts 05 City walls
06 Dried tomatoes and aubergines 07 Great mosque square 08 People on great mosque square 09 Hasan Pasha bazaar entrance
10 Gold jewellery shop 11 Gold jewellery shop 12 Hasan Pasha bazaar 13 Melik Ahmet street 14 People on chairs
15 Dark alley 16 Ziya Gökalp museum 17 Cat 18 Parli Safa mosque 19 Parli Safa mosque
20 Parli Safa mosque 21 Parli Safa mosque 22 Parli Safa mosque 23 Parli Safa mosque
24 Iskender Pasha mansion 25 Iskender Pasha mansion 26 Iskender Pasha mansion 27 İskender Pasha mosque 28 Wall paintings
29 Wall paintings 30 Cahit Sitki Taranci museum 31 Great mosque 32 Great mosque
33 Great mosque colonnade 34 Great mosque colonnade 35 Great mosque inner court
36 Great mosque inner court 37 Great mosque 38 Great mosque 39 Great mosque
40 Firin-ci Sur restaurant 41 Firin-ci Sur restaurant 42 Chicken kebab 43 Nuts and dried fruits shop
44 Nuts and dried fruits shop 45 Semolina Halva ice cream dessert 46 Semolina Halva ice cream dessert 47 Semolina Halva ice cream dessert 48 Post office
49 Citadel Saray Kapisi 50 Citadel interior 51 Citadel interior
52 Citadel interior 53 Citadel museum
54 Citadel museum 55 Tigris river plains
56 Citadel walls 57 Citadel walls 58 St George church 59 Citadel museum
60 Forum Diyarbakir shopping mall 61 Forum Diyarbakir shopping mall 62 Forum Diyarbakir shopping mall 63 Forum Diyarbakir shopping mall
64 Airport hall
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