Didim is a small city on the Mediterranean coast in western Turkey, between Antalya and Izmir and not far from Bodrum. Here there is a significant archaeological site from ancient Greece, the sanctuary of Didyma, also called Didymaion. What is left today are the impressive ruins of the temple of Apollo. This was built starting in the 4th century BC on the ruins of an older 8th century temple. The temple is quite scenic, even if only three columns are still intact, with the remaining partially or completely damaged in an earthquake.
The city of Didim is a pleasant small city with a big mosque and a centre with shops and restaurants.
How to get to Didyma
The closest airport is in Bodrum. Otherwise Didim can be easily reached by road.
There are a number of hotels and guesthouses, most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Didim skyline
02 Didim skyline
03 Harabe cafe bar 04 Temple of Apollo 05 Temple of Apollo at Didyma site 06 Columns at temple of Apollo
07 Temple of Apollo 08 Medusa head 09 Gorgoneion 10 Columns at temple of Apollo 11 Temple of Apollo
12 Columns at temple of Apollo 13 Columns at temple of Apollo 14 Temple of Apollo 15 Temple of Apollo 16 Columns at temple of Apollo
17 Temple of Apollo 18 Apollo temple fragment 19 Didim central mosque 20 Cumhuriyet street 21 Cumhuriyet street
22 Didim central mosque 23 Didim central mosque
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