Some pictures of Phuket island. Lying in the Andaman Sea 862 Km south of Bangkok, Phuket is Thailand's largest island. Tourism has been the island's chief source of income since the early 1980's and the island nowadays is a major, if not the major tourism destination in Southern Thailand. The pictures in this gallery are all from Karon beach, a beach south of Patong beach along Phuket's west coast.
Phuket is not really my favourite destination. The island (or at least the beaches I've seen - Patong and Karon) has reached a development level comparable to mass tourism destinations in the Mediterranean. Accommodation and food are considerably more expensive than in other places in Southern Thailand. On the major beaches at night, if you are a single male traveller, some company will quickly find you.
01 Karon beach at sunset 02 Karon beach 03 Karon beach 04 Boats
05 Sunset on Karon beach 06 Karon beach 07 Sunset on Karon beach 08 Karon beach
09 Karon beach 10 Lotus flower
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