Koh Samui, Thailand's third largest island, lies in the Gulf of Thailand to the east of Surat Thani. This islands has with Chaweng a very nice long beach with white coral sand and crystal clear waters. Despite having undergone a lot of development in the recent years, Koh Samui has still retained its peaceful and idyllic atmosphere. Koh Samui has an airport with direct flights to Bangkok.
01 Coconut palm fringed beach 02 Beach and tourist 03 Beach and sea water 04 Jetskis on the beach
05 Coconut palm fringed beach 06 Beach resort 07 Sea and tourists 08 Coconut palm fringed beach 09 Jetski on the beach
10 Jetskis on the beach 11 Beach and sea water 12 Beach and sea water 13 Panorama view 14 Beach and sea water
15 Beach and sea 16 Jetski on the beach 17 Beach and sea water 18 Trees and beach 19 Trees and beach
20 Panorama view of beach and tourists 21 Beach and sea water 22 Panorama of beach and tourists 23 Mobile food stall with grilled chicken
24 Fruit seller 25 Charlies huts in 1999 26 Frog 27 Hairdresser
28 Sailboats on beach 29 Coconut trees on beach 30 Red jetski on beach 31 Tourists sunbathing on beach
01 Beach and sea 02 Beach and sea 03 Sand and sea 04 Beach and sea 05 Beach and sea
06 Sand and sea foam 07 Beach and sea 08 Jetski in the sea 09 Beach resort and tourists
10 Beach and sea 11 Paragliding 12 Paragliding 13 Sea and rocks 14 Boulders on beach
15 Beach and boulders 16 Coconut trees on beach 01 Coconut palms fringed beach 02 Sand, coconut and seawater 03 Palm trees on beach
04 Coconut palms fringed beach 05 Coconut palms fringed beach 06 Palm trees on beach 07 Palm trees and beach bungalows 08 Tourists arriving with ferry boat
09 Mae Nam beach 10 Beach and canoe 11 Restaurant tables 12 Beach and coconut palm trees 13 Mae Nam beach
14 Mae Nam beach 15 Mae Nam beach 16 Mae Nam beach 17 Catamaran on beach 01 Beach restaurants at night
02 Restaurant tables and chairs on the beach 03 Beach restaurants at night 04 Beach restaurants at night 05 Chaweng beach at night
06 Chaweng beach at night 07 Beach restaurant 08 Main coastal road at night 09 Side road
10 Beach hotel 11 Restaurant and bakery 12 Shopping street and book shop 01 Rocky coast 02 Decorated Buddhist temple roof
03 Wat Phra Yai Buddhist temple 04 Wat Phra Yai Buddhist temple 05 Golden Buddha statue 06 Young woman praying in Wat Phra Yai 07 Golden Buddha statue 08 Golden Buddha statue
09 Shop selling Buddhist statues 10 Big Buddha pier 11 Big Buddha beach 12 Bags on the Koh Samui ferry 13 Islands
14 Butterfly 15 Butterfly 16 Butterfly 17 House temple
18 Choeng Mon Beach 19 Crystal beach resort 20 Crystal beach 21 Crystal beach 22 Nathon beach
23 Crabs for sale in Baan Lipa Yai 24 Shrimps for sale in Baan Lipa Yai 25 From Koh Samui to Donsak 01 Chaweng beach at dawn
02 Chaweng beach at dawn 03 Chaweng beach at dawn 04 Chaweng beach at dawn 05 Palm tree at dawn 06 Chaweng beach at sunrise 07 Chaweng beach at sunrise
08 Chaweng beach at sunrise 09 Chaweng beach at sunrise 10 Chaweng beach in the early morning 11 Chaweng beach at sunrise
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