To the north of the Keelung river, not far from the Zhongshan district, lie some very interesting places which attract a large number of tourists. The Martyrs' Shrine (Chinese: Zōngliècí 忠烈祠) is a large monument extending over 5000 m², dedicated to all those who died fighting for the ROC. Every hour a honour guard performs a march from the main gate to the rear hall. The National Palace Museum (Chinese: Guólì Gùgōng Bówùyuàn 國立故宮博物院) has a collection of more than 690000 pieces of Chinese artifacts and artworks dating from the stone age to the late Qing dinasty, making it one of the largest in the world.
01 Gate to martyrs shrine 02 Martyrs shrine guards 03 Gate to martyrs shrine 04 Gate to martyrs shrine
05 Martyrs shrine main sanctuary 06 Martyrs shrine main sanctuary 07 Martyrs shrine guards 08 Martyrs shrine guards 09 Martyrs shrine guards
10 Martyrs shrine guards 11 Lion statue in martyrs shrine 12 Martyrs shrine guards 13 Arch near national museum 14 National museum
15 Falun Dafa followers 16 Yuanshan Grand Hotel 17 Yuanshan Grand Hotel 18 Yuanshan Grand Hotel
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