The Matsu temple (天后宮, Tiānhòu Gōng in Chinese, aka Mazu) was was built on land donated by Shih Shi-Bang in 1725 and was renovated three times in 1815, 1874 and 1963. The temple is richly decorated and attracts a large number of visitors. It is surrounded by a pedestrian area with many vendors and stores selling a variety of traditional snacks, sweets and drinks.
01 Chinese lanterns and roof 02 Matsu temple 03 Inside the Matsu temple 04 Wet floor
05 Circular gate 06 Inner court with pond 07 Tower and Chinese lanterns 08 Green dragon statue on roof 09 Statue of Chinese god Nazha
10 Statue of Chinese god Nazha 11 Tianhou temple gate 12 Tianhou temple gate
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