Guanziling is a small village located about 40km to the northeast of Tainan in a pleasant area of hills and fruit orchards. The highlight is a mud hot spring, supposedly only one of three mud hot springs in the world. There are a few hotels in Guanziling of which the Toong Mao hotel is the biggest one. Guanziling lies on the Dongshan coffee road, a narrow and winding road which crosses an area of forested hills with pleasant views. The name derives from the coffee plantations which the road crosses, although near Guanziling there are more fruit orchards than coffee plantations.
01 Dongshan coffee road 02 View of Guanziling 03 Tree 04 Gate to Fu An Gong temple 05 Panoramic view of the scenery
06 Fu An Gong temple tower 07 Fu An Gong Chinese temple 08 Fu An Gong temple roof decorations 09 Fu An Gong Chinese temple rear view
10 Paper money for burning in Fuangong temple 11 Dongshan coffee road 12 Orange trees 13 Yellow flowers
14 Panoramic view with orchards 15 Panoramic view of the scenery 16 Orchards and scenery
17 Orange trees 18 Orange trees 19 Cafe terrace 20 Coffee tree
21 Coffee plantation 22 Dongshan coffee road street sign 23 Restaurant in Guanziling 24 Restaurant in Guanziling
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